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KWF awards four grants to Princess Máxima Center research groups

11 januari 2018

KWF Kankerbestrijding has awarded four grants to different research groups of the Princess Máxima Center. It concerns the research groups of Rios, Kremer and Van Boxtel. Also the group Frank van Leeuwen got a grant. He is currently still working in the Radboudumc, but will start at the Princess Máxima Center in the summer. With these extra resources, further research will be done into different aspects of childhood cancer. The Princess Máxima Center will involve its new building in May 2018. The center is unique in the Netherlands and Europe because of the combination of centralized care and top research. The aim is to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life. At the moment, 22 research groups are already active in the national center for pediatric oncology.

The research group of Anne Rios receives an amount of 150,000 euros for research into so-called high-grade gliomas, a malignant tumor in the brain or spinal cord. The research will better map the development of this tumor type with new 3D imaging technology.

Leontien Kremer's research group receives 579,000 euros for (inter)national LATER research on survivors of childhood cancer. This will be used to investigate whether survivors of childhood cancer have an increased risk of developing colon cancer in their later life. In that case, preventive screening could be useful.

The Ruben Van Boxtel group receives € 527,000. This will be used to investigate the cause of leukemia in children.

The group of Frank van Leeuwen receives a grant of € 573,000 for research into the effect of the protein drug Asparaginase, an important component in the treatment of acute lymphocytic leukemia. This research will examine how, by using specific molecular inhibitors, the effect of Asparaginase treatment can be improved.

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