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Jarno Drost and Hans Clevers awarded during symposium Foundation Friends of the Hubrecht Institute

The Foundation Friends of the Hubrecht Institute celebrates its ten-year anniversary. Already for a decade, the Friends support the research at the Hubrecht Institute in the broadest sense of the word. The anniversary is celebrated on February 8 with a symposium, during which Jan van Zanen, mayor of Utrecht, together with Hubrecht Institute director Alexander van Oudenaarden, hands out the Honorary Hubrecht Fellowship to Gerard van Odijk, Hans Clevers and Paul Bouter. The annual Postdoc Friends Award go to Jarno Drost, Federico Tessadori and Peter Krijger.

The Foundation Friends of the Hubrecht Institute aims to support research at the Hubrecht Institute. The foundation does this by raising funds for research, as well as by organizing events to raise awareness for the Hubrecht Institute. Also, new equipment is funded, such as a laboratory robot that moves more quickly and accurately than human hands. This pipetting robot has been purchased with a crowdfunding campaign that was launched by the Friends.


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