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Numerous stakeholders have given an endorsement or have provided advice and practical support to the Princess Máxima Center, including the following: 

  •          Utrecht University of Applied Sciences;
  •          Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (IGZ);
  •          National Cancer Control Programme (NPK);
  •          Kennedy Van der Laan;
  •          Dutch Cancer Society (DCS);
  •          Louisa van der Velden Foundation;
  •          Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS);
  •          Dutch Federation of Cancer Patients' Organizations (NFK);
  •          Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa);
  •          Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (NKI-AVL);
  •          ODAS Foundation;
  •          Rabobank;
  •          associations for specialists and nurses, including:
    - the Netherlands Association of Pediatric Surgeons;
    - the National Pediatric Nurses Work Group (LWKOV);
    - the discipline groups of Pathology, Imaging, Psychology, Radiotherapy, and Surgery at SKION;
    - The Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Section of the Dutch Pediatric Association.
  •          Cancer-Free Children Foundation (Kika);
  •          Roparun Foundation;
  •          Quality of Life Foundation;
  •          Villa Joep Foundation;
  •          Delft University of Technology;
  •          Tom Voûte Fund;
  •          Utrecht University;
  •          Van Benthem & Keulen, lawyers and notaries;
  •          National Child and Hospital Association (Vereniging Kind en Ziekenhuis);
  •          Dutch Associated Health Insurance Companies (ZN, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland);
  •          Health Insurers Innovation Fund;
  •          Voogd & Voogd - Insurance and IT services.

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